Education of Dubai Government Schools

Dubai is a house of several government schools. This wealthiest Emirate offers top-class education in government schools. The developed infrastructures of these schools let the students learn more than classroom lessons. To provide excellence in academic fields, the Ministry of Education has approved UAE’s national education strategy for government schools in Dubai.

Government schools of Dubai teach their students a wide range of subjects to prepare them for the future. But, here, schooling is done with a key emphasis on Islamic Education and the Arabic language.

All Emirati students are accessible to get free education from the government schools in Dubai. In addition, immigrant children who hold UAE nationality granted by the UAE government can also get admitted to public schools. But the children of the ex-pats need to pay fees to be admitted to these government schools.

dubai government schools

List of Best Government Schools in Dubai

To discuss the education of Dubai government schools, we have prepared a list of the top popular schools in Dubai. Go through the article and get a clear idea about how the schools work-

Islamic School for Training & Education

  • Islamic School for Training & Education is another famous government school in Dubai. S.S Lootah Group founded this school in 1956.
  • The school provides classes from class 1 to class12. The subjects taught here are media, computers, electronics, technology, handicrafts, jewelry designing, Mathematics, Science subjects, English, Arabic, and Islamic studies. 
  • Schooling is separately done here for boys and girls. Transportation is also available for students.

Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Islamic Institute

  • Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Islamic Institute focuses mainly on the studies of Sharia and the Arabic language. Since Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the late Finance Minister, founded it.
  • This prestigious government school provides classes from 6th standard to 12. It has an excellent educational infrastructure to offer the students.
  • This school organizes sports, cultural programs, various competitions, and other exciting activities for the student’s personal growth.

Dubai’s Rashid School

  • Rashid School for Boys Dubai offers UK and UAE-like academic curriculum. The former ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum founded the school in 1986.
  • The school enables education from the beginning stage to grade 13. In addition, it has facilities to teach art, computer, design, technology, French, Arabic, and Islamic studies. 
  • This school organizes trips, sports, and other exciting activities to give students an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Best Dubai‘s Government Schools for Girls

1. Salma Al Ansaria Girl’s School

  • Salma Al Ansaria Girl’s School is another government school for girls in Dubai. This school offers primary schooling for the prosperity of girls’ education.  
  • Salma Al Ansaria Girl’s School offers classes from 1 to 5. It provides a good number of subjects for the student’s growth.
  • The school organizes field trips, art, music, and other technical programs to boost the students with practical activities.  

2. Amna Bint Wahab School

  • Amna Bint Wahab is one of Dubai’s most prominent government schools. Moreover, it is a reputable school for women’s education.
  • The school offers education for girls from class 10 to 12, aged between 15 – 18 years. The subjects taught here are art, Education, Science, and Maths, along with Arabic and Islamic studies. 
  • Amna Bint Wahab School occasionally organizes several creative programs to offer students a balanced educational environment.

3. Zabeel High School

  • Zabeel High School is one of the best government girl’s schools. It is one of the oldest schools in Dubai.
  • The school offers schooling for girls from grade 10 to grade 12, aged between 15 to 18. Accordingly, the school taught subjects like art, education, science, maths, Arabic, and Islamic studies.
  • This school also offers other creative programs to help the students explore different fields and follow their passions.


Q. Is there government schools in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, Dubai is home to many government schools. In the city, there are around 80 government schools.

Q. Are government schools freely accessible in Dubai?

Ans: In government schools, education is free for Emirati nationality holders. Non-Emirati students need to pay fees to get admission to government schools.

Q. Can foreign students receive free education in the government schools of Dubai?

Ans: Apart from Emirati Students, UAE provides free education to-

  • UAE Visa holders,
  • GCC citizens, and 
  • Immigrant children who hold UAE citizenship.

Q. Is Arabic compulsory in the schools of Dubai?

Ans: Yes, Arabic and Islamic Education are compulsory in all UAE schools, including Dubai. 

Q. Are ex-pats allowed to get enrolled in government schools in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, from 2001 onwards, non-Emirati students are allowed to get enrolled in the government schools of Dubai. But school fees and approval need to get considered by the school authority first.

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