Off-Plan vs Complete Property: Which One is Better?

Are you confused about off-plan vs complete property? In this post, discuss which is better for investment.

What does “off-plan property” mean?

An “off-plan property” is a pre- or under-construction in the real estate sector. On the other hand, when you buy a project still in its design phase, you make an off-plan purchase of the property. In off-plan acquisitions, you are simply purchasing a plot of land and blueprints with the assurance that a structure will be constructed there sometime later by the developer.

Advantages of Buying Off-Plan or Custom-Build Property

off-plan property

1. Desirable Location for Building the Property

One of the significant advantages of investing in an off-plan or custom-built property is that you can choose the property’s location as per your desires. You can choose to invest in a project that you feel is best suited to your needs. This also paves the way for possible capital growth.

2. The Cost of Production is Lower

Investing in off-plan real estate is generally less expensive than pre-built properties. This allows the developer to market the unit at a lower price since they have not yet incurred construction-related expenses.

3. You Can Pick the Finish You Want

The contractor will often offer a variety of furnishings when you purchase off-plan real estate. This enables you to design a completely customized home to match your preferences.

4. You May Seal in Today’s Market Value

By purchasing an off-plan property, you ensure that you are buying the property for the lowest price possible.

Purchasing a property off-plan means paying for the current market rates. When construction reaches its end, the builder will usually raise the property’s expense according to the market rates.

Complete Property/Ready for Occupancy(RFO) Property

Complete Property

Properties that are entirely completed and capable of living in immediately or soon after are known as “ready for occupancy” (RFO) properties. These properties come in various kinds, including small-family houses, apartments, and flats. 

RFO properties are highly advertised for sale with the completion and move-in dates mentioned. Since the houses are entirely made and are ready to move in, they prove to be a good option for customers who want to settle in quickly.

They can prevent the inconvenience and worry of waiting for the building to be constructed or renovated. Furthermore, because the developer could provide benefits like reduced fees, these properties might provide some built-in discounts.

Advantages of a Complete Property Property

Everyone has specific criteria they seek when searching for a home to buy, including affordability, a suitable location, and the appropriate size per their needs. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware that there is an alternative option- the complete property or Ready for Occupancy(RFO) properties.

Some  primary advantages of ready-to-move-in properties are listed below:

1. Standard Quality

The main advantage of ready-to-move-in properties is that they are of standard quality. This is due to the designer’s prior opportunity to test and ensure that it complies with requirements. Hence, the possibilities for future discrepancies are potentially less.

2. You Can Settle Quickly

In the case of complete properties, you can move in right away. You don’t have to wait for any construction work to be over. So, if you want a quick turnaround or need to move in immediately, these properties are a great option.

3. The Possibility of Delay is Relatively Little.

The chances of delay are potentially lower since all the construction work is already complete. The designer or developer has already ensured that the construction and renovation work is done and the property is ready to move in immediately. Therefore, the possibilities of things going wrong are almost negligible.

4. No Worry About Customizing

Since the developer has already done the construction and renovation work, the buyer does not have to worry about the inconveniences of the custom-building process, which is frequently time-consuming and expensive.

5. The Price of the Properties is Relatively Lower

Because the contractors have included the cost of building, ready-for-occupancy properties are often priced lower than freshly constructed or off-plan residences.

Off-plan vs Complete Property


Dive into the world of real estate with an understanding of off-plan vs complete property. Make confident decisions that match your investment goals and preferences.

Off-plan real estate investing can be risky, but it’s a high-reward endeavor. You could lose all of your money if the real estate market collapses. On the other hand, you might substantially return your capital if the market goes up. Off-plan homes are often on the market a lot early.

Properties that are still in the planning stages may be cheaper than those that are already built. Ready-to-move-in properties tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, off-plan or custom-built properties carry greater risk because the buyer is purchasing an unfinished building. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.) What is an off-plan property in Dubai?

Ans. A property that isn’t completely ready yet, and bought directly from the contractor or the first owner. When purchasing straight from the contractor, the buyer often makes a 10-20% down payment and executes a SPA at the time of purchase (Sales Purchase Agreement).

Q.) Should I purchase off-plan property in Dubai?

Ans. Those purchasing off-plan real estate in Dubai will benefit from lower prices than ready properties. While the purchaser will only spend the “secured” price, the market valuation for the property could potentially rise, resulting in tremendous returns should they choose to sell.

Q.) What is the difference between pre-selling and RFO?

Ans. When you buy a property in the pre-sale phase, it is being built or is still in the planning stages. In contrast, a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) property is already finished and available for use. All you need to do when choosing off-plan vs complete property (pre-selling and RFO)to bring yourself is get the proper guidance.

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