A Guide to the Three Levels of Furnishing Villas for Rent in Dubai

If you are looking for furnishing villas for rent in Dubai, there is probably a good reason for it. You may have decided to retire or want a safe place for your family. Perhaps you are interested in their lower prices compared to those in your own country. Or maybe you want peace of find and to get away from the hectic environment and want to live in a comfortable, safe environment. Whatever the reason, you are looking to for some of the most exclusive rentals in the world. 

If you are moving from another country or a long distance across Dubai, you may wonder what you should bring to your new villa once you have chosen it and are ready to move in. Here are three levels of furnishing villas for rent in Dubai to use as your guide when deciding.

Fully Furnished

Furnishing Villas for Rent in Dubai

If moving your furniture and appliances is too much of a hassle, many villas for rent in Dubai come fully furnished. This means that they will come with a washing machine, a dryer, refrigerator, freezer, and more. In fact, some of the furnishings that are offered to tenants go above and beyond what would be required for a landlord to say that an apartment is fully furnished.

Some of these furnishings are truly extraordinary and will add to your overall experience. For instance, you will have access to an espresso coffee machine, a complete set of cutlery, and free air conditioning. These are just a few examples of the kind of luxurious amenities that you can expect.

The trade-off when getting a full furnished villa in Dubai is that it will cost more. A fully furnished villa in Dubai will cost you anywhere from AED 110,00 to AED 350,000 per year in rent.

Partially Furnished

Partially Furnished

If you are particularly attached to a set of furniture or a range of appliances, you can instead choose a partially furnished villa. Partially furnishing villas for rent in Dubai will usually come with a set of appliances or a set of furniture, but not both. 

Even within a partially furnished Dubai villa, you will still get interesting bonuses. Many of these bonuses have to do with what is found in the neighborhood. Some of our favorites include private beach access, a gazebo, and access to a community gym.

Other bonuses have to do with what is on the property. Some of our favorites include a semi-private pool, access to CCTV, and private access to a garage.

Partially furnished villas for rent in Dubai are also cheaper. A partially furnished villa will range from 173,000 to 255,000 in annual rent. 

Unfurnished Villas

Unfurnished Villas

Finally, there are unfurnished villas for rent in Dubai. These villas come with no furniture or appliances unless they are otherwise required to meet the bare minimum as the law dictates. Usually, this means only a toilet, shower, refrigerator, oven, and freezer, though this may vary depending on the location.

The major bonus with unfurnished villas is that they cost the least amount of money. They are the most inexpensive form of villa. However, the tradeoff is that you must either bring or buy your own furniture. This may cause you problems if you are moving from overseas or across a long distance. If this is your case, then we highly recommend that you purchase your furniture and additional appliances once you move in.

Naturally, the more exclusive the neighborhood is, the more expensive it is. In some cases, you can spend up to AED 3,000,000 annually, but these is for the more exclusive neighborhoods and for villas for rent in Dubai that have many, many bedrooms. The lowest rental price is roughly AED 45,000, which is clearly a bargain compared to the partially furnished and partially furnished villas for rent in Dubai. 

There are other perks as well. For example, many unfurnished villas for rent in Dubai will give you access to things found in the neighborhood. These can include basketball courts, shared pools, squash courts, and more. Some of our favorite neighborhood perks include access to a fitness center, access to valet services, and access to a private elevator.

Another set of perks has to do with what is located near the neighborhood you will be living in. These can include malls, restaurants, and more. Some of the more unique things to be found near the neighborhoods include movie theaters, golf academies, and polo clubs. 


Partially furnished, furnished, and unfurnished villas for rent in Dubai all come with their own perks. Unfurnished villas will be the most affordable and will have perks found in the neighborhood and close to the neighborhood.

Partially furnished villas will come with perks such as access to a private pool, private beach access, and a gazebo in the neighborhood. Fully furnished villas will give you the highest quality perks but will also be the most expensive. 

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