Dubai Properties Payment Plan to Purchase

With the growing developments in real estate, Dubai has become one of the best destinations for real estate investors. If anyone buys a property in AUE, he will surely make a huge ROI. Moreover, with the freehold allowance, anyone from any foreign country can take this chance to own property. Hence, we have enlisted four payment plans. You can choose from the Dubai Properties payment plan to make your purchase.

This variety of payment is available for anyone willing to invest. And this advantage allows you to arrange your finance. Moreover, the Dubai government is also there for secure payment.

dubai properties payment plan

1. Post Handover Installments

Post-handover is a very common payment plan for buying a property. With this plan, you can pay the amount in installments within 3 – 10 years after the handover. This means you can choose the installment amount according to your finance. Please note that you must pay a certain amount of the property value before the handover.

The post-handover plan is found beneficial for both parties, the investor and the seller. For example, if you buy a property with this plan, you can pay the installments by the rental charges from your tenants. That means it also allows you to earn even while paying the property amount. Two targets with one arrow, isn’t that amazing?

2. 10% on Pre-handover / 90% on Post-handover

This one is also a well-known payment plan among real estate investors. The 10/90 plan allows you to pay 10% before the handover and the rest 90% after when the property is constructed. However, there are installment methods available for 90% of the property value. 

Many investors have found this payment option beneficial. It is because it allows them to build their property portfolio, which helps them to attract more customers to rent or buy apartments and villas.

3. Pay During Construction and After Handover

This payment plan works pretty much the same as 10/90. However, in this case, investors choose the options like 50/50, 70/30, 60/40, or similar. Here, investors pay a certain percentage of the property value during the construction. And once the construction is fully completed, they pay the rest amount. But the rest amount is paid during the handover process, not before that.

Moreover, what makes this plan more beneficial is the allowance for mortgages. The investor can take help from a mortgage to pay the installments for the rest amount. In addition, an authorized bank and the Dubai Land Department ensure the security of your payment.

4. Pay Rent to Buy a Property

You won’t believe that Dubai real estate offers this payment plan. It is a golden plan for rental residents to purchase their rental house with a few additional costs. First, the amount of the property will be charged along with the monthly house rent. In this payment plan, both the buyer and seller sign a contract with all the property details, dates, and amounts. After that, the client or buyer pays a downpayment, and the rest amount is paid in installments. Additionally, one can take a mortgage or personal loan for the installments.

Final words

Investing in Dubai real estate is undoubtedly a great decision for a bright future. It will give you the stability of good finance along with a great lifestyle. We have pointed out four payment plans that you can choose to buy a real estate property in Dubai. Now you have to select the best one according to your requirements and finance. 


Q. What is a payment plan in real estate?

Ans. Payment plans are the payment options you can choose to buy a real estate property. Different Dubai Properties Payment Plan types are available, such as post-handover, 10/90, rent to buy a property, etc.

Q. How can I finance a house in Dubai?

Ans. You can take a mortgage from any DLD (Dubai Land Department) registered bank in Dubai. Otherwise, you can ask your bank for their private home mortgage plans. Well, in many cases, people go to brokers for all the necessary steps of buying a property.

Q. Is it difficult to get a mortgage in Dubai?

Ans. It is very easy to get a mortgage in Dubai. Both residents and non-resident real estate investors can take a mortgage with proper ID verification.

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