Best Cinema Halls in Dubai

Cinema halls are a place to enjoy the luxurious experience of watching your favorite movies on a big screen. Who would not like to lie or sit comfortably on a great seat and watch a movie with some delicious food? Below are the best cinema halls in Dubai, where you can get a luxurious movie-watching experience and good food and get whatever you need just at the click of your phone.

cinema halls in Dubai

Here are Some of Dubai’s Best Cinema Halls:

1. VOX Cinemas’ Theatre by Akira Back

Vox cinemas have developed the most romantic experience of luxury and comfort by fusing movies with the finest cuisine. In addition, the theatre features adjustable leather seats, fluffy blankets, soft cushions, and supreme quality audio-visual technology for the best film-watching experience. 

While relaxing in your seat, you can enjoy renowned chef Akira Back’s elegant Japanese-Korean signature dishes. Ab-Tacos, Cow-Cow, Short Rib, Angry Chicken, and Ab Cigar are a few of the must-try dishes on the menu.

2. CinemaCity Theatre

Just by spending 100 AED per person at Azul Cinema, located inside Cinema City Fountain Views, guests can enjoy the latest film and experience a luxurious way of life. Equipped with 28 luxury reclines a stored bar with a bartender, especially for F&B orders. Moreover, the theatre provides a first-class experience to its guests with top-notch food and drink with waiter service.

In addition to all these, the theatre has the Azul Lounge with its own bar and kitchen. The lounge serves unique Japanese fusion dishes like yellowtail in jalapeño-infused ponzu, yuzu-truffle sea bass carpaccio, and Wagyu beef tartare, along with hops and grapes. In addition, the custom cocktail creation served by professional international mixologists further enhances the beverage-consuming experience.

3. Paramount Hotel Dubai

The Paramount Hotel in Dubai is one of the finest cinemas. The theatre is equipped with yellow armchairs and two-seater velvet sofas, both of which provide comfort along with sturdy exteriors for your drinks and food. It has a capacity of 60 seats, but the seats are spacious and spread out.

While enjoying your movie, the theatre has food options like lobster rolls, Joe & Steph’s sliders, and truffle arancini to munch on something. You can also grab freshly popped popcorn if these dishes do not excite you.

4. VOX Cinemas Gold Package

The Vox Cinemas gold package, located in BurJurman, City Centre Deira, and Wafi City, provides you with a great experience for watching Hollywood, Bollywood, and Arabic films for just AED 75. The food served is of superior quality and is the theatre’s main highlight feature. 

Guests can feast on two-course dishes from the menu, which accompany a hot drink and a cold drink. The main featured dishes on the menu are grilled salmon, corn-fed chicken breast, and roasted cod.

5. Horror Movie Room

As its name suggests, the Horror Movie Room screens both modern and classic horror films. Apart from the amazing horror movie screening, the theatre also glorifies the movie in real life through real-life interactions with the movie actors. 

The cinema hall has only eight seats, so the experience of watching a horror movie is going to be filled with various luxuries and comforts. The Horror Movie Room has come up with a list of the most terrifying horror movies of all time. Currently, you can grab the tickets for ‘Rings’ and Andrés Muschietti’s ‘IT,’ a supernatural horror movie about an evil clown.


Q. How many cinema halls are there in Dubai?

Ans: The UAE has 145 cinema halls to meet the demands of its citizens.

Q. Are there any age restrictions in cinema halls in Dubai?

Ans: There is no age restriction in cinema halls in Dubai, and people of all age groups can visit them. However, few movies have age restrictions.

Q. How long does a movie stay in Dubai theatres?

Ans: The time for which the film remains in theatres is determined by how well it performs at the box office. It can span anywhere from two weeks to four months.

Q. Can I bring outside food into the theaters?

Ans: No, outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the theatre.

Q. Can I reserve a movie theater for a private event?

Ans: Yes, theaters can be reserved for private screenings, conferences, employee trips, or birthday celebrations.

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